Two Months Pregnant Living Outdoors

In My Father’s Kitchen

Last week while doing street outreach a young couple approached our outreach van asking for money. I let them know we do not give out money and asked if they knew about In My Father’s Kitchen and pointed to the van. They said they were new to the area for only three weeks and didn’t know where things were. I explained how we assist folks gave them a wonderful lunch and proceeded to ask more questions. They were able to share with us that they were living outdoors in a tent and that the young lady who was 25 years old was also two months pregnant. I asked if they would like to go to a shelter and they refused. They were in town because of a domestic situation back in their hometown and they do not feel safe returning. We highly encouraged them to go to the shelter and Doc recommended to them that he could put in a referral to an OBGYN. The young woman was so appreciative, that we were able to stop and pick her up some prenatal vitamins as well. She also expressed that she was not on the medication that she needs to be taking so Doc called in a script and filled her request. They shared with us the location of their campsite where we have been able to visit them over the last ten days. Little did they know who they were approaching to panhandle they thought they were asking for money but what they received instead was unconditional love with no judgment. They received guidance food medical attention but far greater they received Relationship! Thank you for your continued support of the work we are doing in Central NY, together we are building hope and changing lives. We will continue to move forward with our new friends and do whatever it takes to make sure they get safely indoors. Our new friends know that they are  NOT INVISIBLE!

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Together we are building hope and changing lives.

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