Tully Elementary School Character Club Inspires Students To Collect Items For IMFK

In My Father’s Kitchen

We received a message in the early part of February that the Character Club of Tully Elementary School selected us as an organization to collect items for. We sent the students the list of items and over the next two months, they collected everything on our list. We were able to go down and share with over 100 5th and 6th graders about the work we do at IMFK. At the end of the session we opened it up for questions and boy did we get questions. Student after student would raise their hands and ask the most profound questions. There were so many more students that had their hands raised but we didn’t have the time to respond. So we decided that the Character Club was going to field the rest of the questions and email them to us at IMFK for the responses. We love sharing with young people about the issue of homelessness, we believe that we are inspiring the next generation of thinkers! We believe planting seeds of concerns regarding homelessness into the consciousness of the younger generation will cause fruit in the future for servants that will make a bigger difference in the lives of those who feel invisible. At the end of our time, we were presented with all they had collected. Way to go Kids, a Child Shall Lead Them.

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Together we are building hope and changing lives.

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