Peruvian Chicken Opens a Door

In My Father’s Kitchen

Today’s Street Menu of Peruvian Chicken sided with Mac-N-Cheese allowed us to assist 16 friends out in our community. We were able to assist a friend who had a serious infection going on that could have turned into something life threatening. He was refusing help but today’s lunch was able to convince him to sit in our Outreach Van enjoy his lunch in privacy while Dr. Lehmann treated him. A lunch is a powerful tool in our hands not just in filling someones belly but a lunch is a way to show someone who is broken that we care. Our friend was able to receive antibiotics with instruction today with a follow up coming on Thursday to see how things are going. A lunch, medical care, kind word and unconditional love always wins out on the streets. With support from YOU our Sous Chefs days like this would not be possible. Together we are Building Hope and Changing Lives.

Snack of the Day

Together we are building hope and changing lives.

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