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Life House

Who is Life House for?

Life House provides residential living to two women escaping from a life of prostitution. It is a home for women who wish to start a new life and are willing to do the hard work to make it happen.

What is Life House?

Life House is not a shelter or crisis center. It is a place of transformation spirit, soul and body. The women who are invited to live here will be those who have made the first step in uprooting themselves out of the toxic lifestyle they have been planted in. They will have the opportunity to re-plant in a loving, safe, and supportive environment.

What do we do?

Life House helps women transition to self-sufficiency incrementally, by providing a safe comfortable space conducive to building self-confidence. Each woman has her own story of trauma that has caused her much pain. Life House offers an “out of the box” approach in working with each woman and keeping her specific needs in mind.

How does it work?

Life House is a home where two women who have agreed to work through the Syracuse City Human Trafficking court program are referred to by the court. After an interview, if both parties agree it is a good fit, they are invited to live in Life House and participate in the program. While in the home, the women will rest in the knowledge that they are safe and loved without strings.

Each woman will work in tandem with the Court and Life House programs, receiving support and assistance from the Life House Director and Resident Advocate. Building confidence and placing value in who they are is at the for front in empowering them to succeed.

Life House will assist each resident to create her own, “harvest plan” with short- and long-term goals. In addition, there will be a plan in place before she leaves to live independently. Personal safety and living plans, daily goals, and chores will be a part of living at Life House.

Where is Life House?

In an effort to protect our residents and staff the location will remain undisclosed.

Together we are building hope and changing lives.