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Life House

What is Life House?

Life House is a branch of In My Father’s Kitchen, Inc. 501(c)3. It is a faith-based home for women who want to escape human trafficking and the trauma that has entangled their lives. This is a home where they are safe, loved, and can reset, restore, rebuild, and relaunch themselves to live and dream again.


How does it work?

RESET is the first 30 days of our program. It is a time of rest and reflection as the women detox from the traumatic life they have been living in spirit, soul, and body. Our Life House staff will be there 24/7 for support, advocacy, and a listening ear.

RESTORE is the next module of the Life House program. Understanding how trauma changes the way we think, behave and view our life. Life House staff and professional therapists work with each woman to identify the areas from her past that need healing and rebuilding so they can move forward in living. Growth and transformation are the seeds that are nurtured through this module.

REBUILD is the third module of the Life House Program. This is the season of building confidence and independence. It is a time to gain knowledge and the tools needed to establish healthy relationships, healthy boundaries, and good decision-making skills. Mentors aid in teaching life and vocational skills, along with entrepreneurship. A new vision for life, establishing a safe living situation, and employment are a few of the goals of this module.

RELAUNCH is our final module. Once residents have completed the Syracuse City Human Trafficking program and a year at Life House, they will be launched into living a new life, including a safe place to live, employment, transportation, and a savings account. The Life house staff will continue to walk with all Life House residents after they complete the program to ensure success in their new life.


Where is Life House?

To protect our residents and staff the location will remain undisclosed.


We have escaped like a bird from the hunter’s trap. The trap is broken, and we are free. Psalm 124:7

Together we are building hope and changing lives.