Homemade Lasagna Builds Relationships

In My Father’s Kitchen

Food on the streets is a big component to building relationships with our friends. Today’s lunch on the street was lasagna, the lasagna is a homemade recipe that I learned from my mother who’s passed it down to me and today we’re bringing it out to the streets to show our friends that they are not invisible. Dignity and Value can be shown to our friends first through tge quality of the food we serve them.

One of the amazing things that starts to happen when someone meets us for the very first time is the big smile we get from their surprise of the quality of food given to them. They love to get their lunches but the amazing thing is at one point the lunch become secondary and they look for the true relationship that was established between two people. Food brings people to the table and today’s lasagna brought many individuals to a conversation where true change can happen in someone’s life. Sous chefs with your support will be able to continue to bring out these wonderful lunches to the streets for our friends, those who feel invisible, together we are building hope in changing lives


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Together we are building hope and changing lives.

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