Dr. Bonnie Assisting Our Friend With A Abscess

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During yesterdays outreach we were contacted by one of our friends living outdoors stating that they needed Doc to check out a growth under their arm pit. Doc Lehmann was out of town but through his relationships with other Doctors we had a great stand in today, meet Dr. Bonnie. Dr. B. was so compassionate and full of wisdom and so much insight. As she assessed the site with the intentions of draining the abscess she realized that this could not be drained and that it actually developed into a cist that needed to be taken care of by a surgeon. Our friend in need is a heroine user, Dr. B. explained what needed to be done and strongly encouraged our friend to no longer inject into the arm pit. This gave us the opportunity to discuss with our friend the real need to start to make some positive changes into a sober new direction.  They listened, graciously heard us and made the decision to continue in this way of life. We let them no that we needed to see them again on Monday to check out the area and that we are their for them when they are ready. The hardest thing as an outreach worker is seeing someone’s life unraveling before you and knowing you can not make someone change their behavior. All we can do is not judge give support and believe that when they are ready for change we get the call for help. We are always ready when someone surrenders and says I cant do it anymore. Thank you for your support, please consider becoming a monthly supporter and together we will build hope and change lives,

John and Leigh Ann

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Together we are building hope and changing lives.

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