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Wow what a transformation for our dear friend Shane! We have been working with our friend for some time now assisting him in his housing journey. Shane is no longer on the streets, he is staying in one of our men’s shelters here in CNY. During our interactions Dr. Lehmann from House Calls For The Homeless has been providing medical attention to Shane. Shane was expressing some major dental concerns and Doc was able to get him a referral for an evaluation with Dr. Romano a Dentist from Summit Dental Group here in town. The diagnosis was that Shane needed to have the remaining teeth he had extracted and to be fitted with dentures. His teeth were so bad that they were causing secondary health situations. There is a direct connection with bad oral hygiene and health related issues. Well unfortunately Medicaid Insurance would not cover this process, that’s were Dr. Lehmann steps up to the plate. Doc raises private funds for the work that he does and the Board of House Calls For The Homeless approved Docs request and they financed the whole process. When working with our friends we try to knock out every barrier in someone’s journey so that they can feel part of  community again and not feel like outcasts. Shane was so appreciative and said “I Feel Like A Person Again”! Collaboration is a huge key to what we do but also the support of private donors like yourselves is what allowed this opportunity to be come a reality. Thank you Sous Chefs


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