Bringing Dignity and Saving A Life By Draining An Abscess

In My Father’s Kitchen

We do whatever it takes to keep lines of communications open with our friends. Medical attention is a big tool in our outreach to show our friends dignity by also showing them we truly care. Many of our friends who are outdoors refuse to go to local Emergency Rooms for various reasons and Doc being able to do this type of care on the streets is valuable, its saving lives! Our friend was so appreciative to all of us for stopping and looking for him today. Addiction is real and its a beast to overcome. We are believing that this care with a no strings approach opens a door for better things for our dear friend. Its someone’s family member out there and if it were your family would you want us to assist? I believe the answer is yes and we will keep going out to the streets to find those who are in trouble. Thank you for all your support, we have the greatest Sous Chefs ever.

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Together we are building hope and changing lives.

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