John Tumino


Live On The Nick Cannon Show

Kevin and I were invited to share our stories on the Nick Cannon Show! FRom the work, we do at IMFK to Kevin sharing his personal story. The team at the show surprised us with a video from Kevin’s daughters as well as me receiving the Big Heart award. At the end of this segment, we were showered with items for our friends outdoors that were donated by sponsors of the show. Check out the link below to see the show!


A Thank You Message From Tiffany

We met Tiffany in October 0f 2015 homeless living outdoors and addicted to Heroine. We were able to love her through that time by feeding her, clothing her and getting her connected to housing. Many times housing someone is the first step in the journey to even think about getting sober. Many of our friends do continue in addiction after being housed, but not our Champion Tiffany. She is sober reconnected with her children and doing awesome. Here is a thank you note we received from her last week after she read a post of ours regarding assisting the under served.

Tiffany God bless you John!! 5 years sober and still to this day I remember how you impacted my life! I was just telling a friend recently who did not believe I was once homeless, addicted, flying signs by the mall for money and how this kind man used to bring us amazing food! He bought me boots and jackets! That was you! Love that your still out there helping others. Times are harder now out there then years ago when I was! God bless you all and much love!!

IMFK We sent her the pictures from the past when we were assisting her as well as getting them indoors 

Tiffany Oh wow!!!! Its so crazy to look at!! I cant even imagine being back in that position!!! You never realize how bad it really was until you step away for some time!

IMFK How are your boys doing ?

Tiffany Boys are doing great. Getting good grades in school. Healthy. I was given my mothers home and she moved into my grandmas house when she passed last year. So I’m a home owner. Have all my kids. Working for the nys health department remotely from home. Its a whole new reality now days. Im out in the country. Enjoying nature! Praising god! My faith has never been stronger! Just amazing what can happen when you turn your life to god and step away from drugs and alcohol!

If you would like I don’t mind if you use my first name. A lot of people know my story and I’m ok with that. I’m not ashamed, and hopefully it inspires someone that recovery is possible. A normal life is possible, getting your kids back is possible. Its all possible. With Jesus its definitely possible. I had a lot of family praying for me those 10 years and putting in prayer requests all the time and I truly believe that prayer works! Early in 2020 i was baptized by the lighthouse church in Mexico and watch their services online (due to pandemic). Listen to scripture & read scripture. Pray and talk to god through out the day. Blessings just keep on coming. Jesus works in our lives when were ready to accept him! God spared my life a few times during addiction. So now I owe it to him to serve!

 Great talking to you and for us who made it out of the mess and were graced with your help we never forget! Always appreciate what you did for us and others! God bless!!


Sous Chefs with your support we are making stories like this Possible!


Homemade Lasagna Builds Relationships

Food on the streets is a big component to building relationships with our friends. Today’s lunch on the street was lasagna, the lasagna is a homemade recipe that I learned from my mother who’s passed it down to me and today we’re bringing it out to the streets to show our friends that they are not invisible. Dignity and Value can be shown to our friends first through the quality of the food we serve them.
One of the amazing things that starts to happen when someone meets us for the very first time is the big smile we get from their surprise of the quality of food given to them. They love to get their lunches but the amazing thing is at one point the lunch become secondary and they look for the true relationship that was established between two people. Food brings people to the table and today’s lasagna brought many individuals to a conversation where true change can happen in someone’s life. Sous chefs with your support will be able to continue to bring out these wonderful lunches to the streets for our friends, those who feel invisible, together we are building hope in changing lives


Under The Bridge Clean Up

Many times when our friends get situated from living outdoors to indoors there old spots become abandoned. This location was on the Creekwalk in the heart of Syracuse. There were many calls from community residence regarding this spot that was left unattended, we dispatched our Hire Ground Crew to clean up the area. Our crew on this day were friends who are experiencing homelessness staying in our local shelters. Homelessness is a real thing for many reasons BUT we are doing everything possible to assist our friends on their journey back to a real place they can call Home, home is not under a Bridge!


Six Tips For Staying Positive

October is Emotional Wellness Month. When working with our friends outdoors negativity is a big hurdle. Why, because sometimes life can be challenging and they may feel like there is no way out. Maybe you are reading this and feel the same way as our friends outdoors. I’m believing this post will help you achieve a positive mindset. Use these five tips to confidently say goodbye to negativity all month long.

Scripture says “Life is But a Vapor” James 4:14. Life is too short to let negative self-talk creep its way into our lives. We know many of our friends outdoors and you our Sous Chefs are working hard towards individual health goals and we want to encourage you in keeping a positive mindset. Use the tips below to say no to negative self-talk.

1. Unfollow

Yes, we said it. Whether you agree with it or not, social media is ever-present in most of our lives. Chances are you may need to evaluate your feed to make sure the people you follow are influencing or growing you in a positive direction.  Make room for content that leaves you feeling uplifted, spreads good news, makes you smile or laugh, and aligns with your health objectives.

2. Reconnect with Friends

The pandemic has shifted our routines and may have indirectly caused you to isolate yourself from some positive influences in your life.  Take the time to reconnect with those old friends, coworkers, coaches, mentors, or neighbors.  Genuine conversation and human connection can bring happiness to both parties.

3. Get Professional Support

If you find yourself going negative quickly or more often than you’d prefer, it might be time to get some additional support on your side as this could be a sign of anxiety or depression.  Finding a licensed specialist might be a helpful solution.  These trained professionals can help you see things from a different perspective and help you rediscover that optimistic viewpoint.

4. Practice Self-Care

Self-care is an important piece of a healthy lifestyle.  Discover a new hobby to relieve stress. Start a new weekly tradition like a Sunday coffee run.  Restart your exercise routine or create a new one. Make time for a consistent bedtime routine to support healthy sleep.  Take some time to see where you may need to pour some love or attention into your daily life to implement some self-care.

5. Use Words Intentionally

Try replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. Practice daily affirmations out loud.  When your inner critic says “I’ll never run five miles on the treadmill,” replace that thought with “I’m on my way to running five miles because my hard work is paying off.”  Become your biggest cheerleader by spreading positive thoughts in your life.

6. Why Not Try God

Why Not find a Local Church to attend and re-connect with the one who created all Life! Think about praying and going inward Spiritually. Everyone seems to neglect the Spiritual part of man, I believe its the most important. I’ve seen over and over again that when someone gets in tune with God how all the other parts start to fall in place.

The Bottom Line

If you surround yourself with positive messages, activities, support, and people, then you may be more likely to avoid negative self-talk.  Keeping things positive can have a big impact on your mood and overall outlook.  In case you need a reminder, you can do anything you set your mind to.