Brett Can See Again

In My Father’s Kitchen was able to assist another friend with getting new eye glasses. Thank you to Jill at LensCrafters for helping In My Father’s Kitchen help our friends. When Brett had his eyes checked they couldn’t believe he was functioning without his glasses because his vision was so bad. Thank you Sous Chefs for your support that helped make this a possibility.


Under bridge update

As of August 2018, IMFK has assisted 102 individuals indoors and off the streets.  Once inside IMFK continues to help our friends connect with other community agencies to assist them in their journey to a transformed life.  Together we are building hope and changing lives!


Purchase the common ground album

Common Ground CD $20 donation and we will mail it out. 16 Bands and 17 songs, all coming together on Common Ground to serve those who feel invisible.


Life House

After the death of their loved one, an IMFK Sous Chef family decided to donate the loved one’s house to In My Father’s Kitchen to use as we wished.  Now that we have taken possession of the house, the work begins to transform it.

Life House is the newest addition to the IMFK vision.  Life House will be a home of rescue, transition and transformation for women once trapped in a life of  sex trafficking.



Over the summer and fall we were able to establish a relationship with Patrick. We were able to assist him with getting his license back, connecting him to needed health services and even activating a cell phone for him to stay connected. IMFK was able to lmeet his mom and encourage her as well. We are excited to announce that Patrick is now in rehab out of state. He’s safe and moving forward into new horizons filled with purpose and hope.